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Life Sciences Industry Has Clean Bill of Health

In addition to our new cleantech blog series, we will be shining light on some of the Bay Area’s most knowledgeable experts in the life sciences industry. They will be sharing their personal stories, the challenges most life science companies overcome, an…
animal medicine and biotechnology. Here…we chose Fremont to be the home of our first biotechnology facility in the United States because it…s most renowned biotechnology hubs. Since coming to California

San Francisco Bay Area Leads the Nation in 2016 Biomedical Investments

​The San Francisco Bay Area is the place to be for the biomedical industry as evidenced by the large share of investment capital and deals going to Bay Area biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) recently…
was the leading location for biotechnology and pharmaceutical investment with 63 deals …2.2 billion. Seven of the top 20 biotechnology and pharmaceutical investors were corporatio