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Are Public Private Partnerships Dead? How the “P3” is evolving in today’s urban environment.

“P3 is dead.” So declared the first moderator at the Urban Land Institute “Public Private Partnerships” conference in Detroit. There was a gasp from the audience. Had we flown across the country only to attend a wake?

“Opportunity Detroit” a Case Study on Public Private Partnerships

The Urban Land Institute recently convened in Detroit for an in-depth look at the evolving nature of the Public Private Partnership (3PL). This proved to be an interesting time to examine Detroit’s budding renaissance, which is due in large part to its pr…

Innovation Nodes Fuel Economic Rebirth of Philadelphia

Brotherly love. Cheesesteaks. The 76ers. Philadelphia is the 5th largest city in the U.S. and has no shortage of unique and enduring assets. What has been more fleeting for the birthplace of our independence, is a strong footing for its local economy. Th…

“Rail~Volution” Conference Visits Warm Springs

Earlier this month, San Francisco presented the annual Rail~Volution conference which hosted 1,400 “Rail~Volutionaries” from around the country and focused on building livable communities with transit. The conference offered the chance for attendees to ex…
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Parks in Thin Air and a Big Blue Bear: Placemaking Tips from ULI Dallas

The Urban Land Institute Conference is a real-time idea lab for urban planners of all stripes. This year’s fall conference in Dallas provided the usual dose of inspiration for bold, game-changing projects that can catalyze a city’s functionality, identity…

ULI/PWC Real Estate Trends Report Suggests a “Long Glide Path to a Soft Landing”

The ever-present question about how long we can expect the good economy to last seems more pressing than ever. And where better to explore that question that at the Fall convening of the Urban Land Institute in Downtown Los Angeles? While this year’s ULI
s ULI Real Estate Trends forecast doesn… property by property. The ULI