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Let’s Connect! Bay Area Transit Connections Suggest Promising Future for Real Estate

Last week, the prominent Bay Area Real Estate publication, The Registry, hosted an East Bay-focused event to discuss our region’s prospects for growth based on the significant network of existing and planned transit connections. It turns out that transpor…
n of the Milken Institute explained that the Warm Springs BART extension and its continuation into Sil…now doubling down on employment centers like Warm Springs. Klowden predicts that when the BART connect

Fremont’s Trade Delegation to India – Startups, Symbiosis, and Sustainability

Last month, the City of Fremont led its first-ever Trade Delegation to India – a country that represents our largest share of population, and even more strikingly, represents business opportunities in our two most important economic growth sectors, Life S…

Newsflash:Warm Springs Community Plan Available for Review

If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss about Fremont’s Warm Springs plan is, now you can see for yourself. The draft Warm Springs Community Plan was released for public review last week and clearly outlines this bold vision, while reflecting some uni…
s Warm Springs plan is… now you can see for yourself. The draft Warm Springs Community Plan was released for public revie…30 pm at the Warm Springs Community Center

The Role of Cities in Cultivating Silicon Valley Innovation

The post, “Big Idea 2014: Goodbye Silicon Valley, Hello Silicon Cities” caught our attention. Bruce Katz, the author of the post and a vice president at the Brooking Institution, takes the position that while Silicon Valley has delivered stellar innova…
acres of new development surrounding the new Warm Springs BART station in the heart of its existing In… Warm Springs is R

Jobs, Transit, Housing, Oh My! Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan is Approved

For some time you’ve likely been hearing about Warm Springs/South Fremont as a significant regional opportunity for employment-focused, transit-oriented development. (If you haven’t, you should catch up; if you have, then keep reading!) Recently, our clos…
ve likely been hearing about Warm Springssearch on Innovation Districts revealed that Warm Springs clearly fits the bill for an Innovative Dist… the Fremont City Council approved the Warm Springs

Opening of Warren Avenue in Fremont Marks Major Milestone for VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Extension Project

By the Monday morning commute on August 11, Warren Avenue at the future BART corridor crossing in Fremont will open to traffic. The road opening marks completion of the long-awaited safety and mobility enhancements and infrastructure upgrades to make way …
eginning in Fremont south of the future BART Warm Springs Station and proceeding in the former Union P

Exploring the Bay Area’s Innovation Ecosystem – First Stop: The Shipyard at Hunter’s Point

There is no question that the Bay Area is home to some amazing innovation infrastructure – from San Leandro’s ambitious Broadband Initiative, to San Jose’s Cleantech demonstration center dubbed “Prospect Silicon Valley”. Mix in the hundreds of incubators…
. As Warm Springs moves from the planning to implementation st…s Warm Springs Innovation District. Hunter

Diary of a New Niche Diagnostics Center—Construction Finishes on Thermo Fisher Scientific Facility

Secretly, you may want to add a few years to the projected completion date of a complex construction project, to help account for potential delays. But this was not the case for the construction of the new 275,000-square-foot Thermo Fisher Scientific Nich…
y. This project is a welcome addition to the Warm Springs Innovation District. It was a privilege to h

One More Step Toward Strategically Urban - What Fremont Gets out of Measure BB

While emotions run high in the aftermath of an election, we are doing our own “happy dance” in Fremont with the passage of Alameda County Measure BB. Why, you ask?
her our goals of developing the Downtown and Warm Springs Innovation District. Several other project

Do You Hear What I Hear?

The pitter-patter of much-needed rain amidst the busyness of last-minute shopping, children squealing with delight, and holiday greetings between friends and family. As we prepare to slow down a bit for the holiday season (for some much well-earned respit…
the Fremont City Council approved the Warm Springs Innovation District plan