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Got Place? Downtown Fremont Gets Creative

Recipe for city place-making: Start with a diverse and innovative population. Add proximity to transit. In a separate bowl, create policies that encourage pedestrian-oriented and mixed-use development styles and buildings. Stir and bake for a vibrant gath…
t is in its early stages of creating a new Downtown that attracts people…ts before buildings. We are using existing Downtown public spaces such as streets

Fremont’s New Whole Foods Plays a Role in Housing Growth in the Area

As we join Fremont in welcoming Whole Foods today, Robson Homes is very proud and excited to celebrate the grand opening of the market within our custom-designed retail center at the gateway to Fremont’s new downtown. Since the early ’90s, Robson Home…
s new downtown. Since the early

Slideshow of Downtown Living in Fremont

Over the summer, Paragon Apartments opened their doors to a whole new housing opportunity in Downtown Fremont. This is first residential project to be constructed within the Downtown core boundaries and was built by Urban Housing. The project brings an a…
doors to a whole new housing opportunity in Downtown Fremont. This is the first residential proje…ct to be constructed within the Downtown core boundaries and is an Urban Housing vent

This is NOT Mad Men: The Question of Hierarchical Space in Fremont’s Future Civic Center

On TV’s “Mad Men,” the 1960’s office design is iconic for its period: once through the front door, layers of receptionists, secretaries and cigarette smoke all shield corner-office executives from visitors, colleagues and staff alike. The corner office is…
s Plans for Downtown

FUSE” – Fremont’s Effort to Bring the Underground Arts Scene Above Ground

The former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg declared that “Cities must be Cool, Creative, and In Control”(1) . In Bloomberg’s article he states that in an increasingly competitive landscape, in order to keep and attract talent, being “cool” counts. Th…
is entering into its first stage of downtown development to create a central place for …ng lot of the Town Fair Shopping Center in downtown Fremont were transformed into a hotbed of

Fremont’s Downtown on the Rise Demolition Celebration: Paving the Way for Fremont’s New Downtown

Fremont’s Downtown is on the rise, and the City is keeping the momentum going with its most recent event — the “Downtown on the Rise Demolition Celebration,” which took place yesterday morning.
s Downtown is on the rise…Downtown on the Rise Demolition Celebration… connecting Downtown Fremont… that ran on KQED about our plans to build a Downtown. It talked about Fremont being a

Downtown Fremont - On the Rise

What does it take to build a new downtown from scratch? That was the topic of a recent SPUR event held on Friday, September 25, 2015. The panel discussion and walking tour was SPUR’s first foray into Fremont and highlighted the City’s efforts to become…
What does it take to build a new downtown from scratch…hamber of Commerce. You can read more about Downtown Fremont in the following summary… advertising supplement on page 14. Downtown Fremont

Breaking New Ground: Downtown Fremont Officially “On the Rise”

Last Friday, the City of Fremont celebrated the groundbreaking of the Capitol Avenue Extension Project on the corner of Capitol Avenue and State Street. Thanks to a One Bay Area Grant of $5.8 million awarded to our City by the Alameda County Transportatio…
treetscape element that will connect the new Downtown to two major retail and employment centers a…s Downtown is truly … among other downtown developments will look like once complete

Get Ready for Downtown Fremont’s First Mixed-Use Project – Locale @ State Street

After years of planning, Downtown Fremont is going vertical! On Friday, June 17, 2016, the City of Fremont celebrated the groundbreaking of Locale @ State Street, Downtown’s first mixed-use project, which was made possible through a public/private partner…
Downtown Fremont is going vertical… Downtown step closer to giving Fremont residents the Downtown they… sustainable Downtown and a continuation in the development of a Downtown that will serve as the City

The New Capitol Avenue

​Last Friday, the City of Fremont celebrated the completion of Phase II of the Capitol Avenue sidewalk and streetscape project (between State Street and Mowry Avenue). With a $5.8 million grant from One Bay Area, Capitol Avenue has been transformed from a…
s Downtown plan…t Street Eats afterwards. Reinforcing how a Downtown fosters a sense of community… Trick or Treat on Downtown Safety Street. The little ones were dressed